When in Fairfax, it's Peris for a rocking good time!!

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Peris Bar


When you enter into the dive bar that is Peri's Silver Dollar Bar, you know you're going to see and hear great music, see really nice people, lose at pool to the local sharks (or teach 'em a lesson), play a game of Beer Pong or a rousing game of foosball. You will probably laugh a lot, have a yummy drink or two and generally have a great time.

If you haven't been here lately, it's time to stop back in and check it out. Our bathrooms have been remodeled, given themes and are amazing and a fun place to pee. The patio's really pretty cool and we have our Weekend Music On The Patio series Fri-Sunday afternoons. And our backyard is where you can go have a smoke, play ping-pong and pet the neighborhood cats, plus it is the place to plan your next big barbecue. Bring your cook, band and posse and have a cool party in the back yard!

It really doesn't get a whole lot better than that. And the music is always good. That's why, when you're in Fairfax, come to Peri's.


Latest JEvents

Sun Feb 14 @09:30PM -
Matt Bolton - Free
Mon Feb 15 @09:30PM -
Billy D's Open Mic
Tue Feb 16 @09:00PM -
Fresh Baked/Waldo's Special
Wed Feb 17 @09:30PM -
The Elvis Johnson Soul Review - FREE
Thu Feb 18 @09:00PM -
Burnsy's Sugar Shack - FREE!
Fri Feb 19 @09:00PM -
Erin and the Project
Sat Feb 20 @09:30PM -
Physical Suicide Deterrent System Project - $8.00