The Story Of Peri’s


Peri’s Bar was established in the 1930’s by Charles Peri Sr., to provide a homey and welcoming atmosphere for camaraderie, a cold drink or a hot cup of Joe, and a place to feel so relaxed.

The Peri family has a long history themselves in the Fairfax community, and they continue to pride themselves in making Peri’s Bar a comfortable and inviting place to be.  Michael and Frankie Peri continue to keep the torch burning, a torch which was lit more than 90 years ago by his Michael’s grandfather, Charles E. Peri and maintained by his father, Charles A. (Chuck) Peri.

Many patrons over the years have found solace within its walls, not only with the drinks served but also by the nightly live music and the down-home feeling it provides. Peri’s is not just a bar, but it’s a gathering place for meeting new and old friends, and it has become a mainstay business with deep ties to the community for which it serves.