William Wayland is a fabulous photographer, capturing not only own amazing local music scene, especially the events at Peri’s, but also the whole of The Bay Area.

Art according to William:

“It’s not something I had planned on.  Somewhere along the way I became a live music photographer.  I photograph bands you hear on the radio at venues with a capacity of thousands, even tens of thousands if you count festivals like Bottle Rock.

But on almost any given night, I’d rather be shooting at Peri’s.

There are places that exist in time that somehow become centers of creativity.  It’s a mysterious alchemy and it’s best not to ask why, but Peri’s is one of those places.  For me, right now, it’s the closest thing I have to a muse.

As far as I’m concerned, the biggest difference between a band at The Fillmore and one playing at Peri’s is a lucky break.  Maybe that’s because I experience music with my eyes and I’m drawn to anyone willing to pour their heart out on a tiny stage for maybe a few dozen people.

I know that’s a hard thing to do for a lot of photographers who need to shoot a big act on a big stage with big bright lights but that’s because they take pictures of the musicians and I photograph the notes.

Of course, that’s when I’m not photographing all of you.  I love to bring my pop up studio to the patio and take portraits of anyone who just dropped in for a drink or a smoke or to hear their favorite band.”

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