Featured Band of the Month

The Happys are a bay area band composed of four twenty-something-year olds-playing dysfunctional Surf Pop-Punk/Grunge and were formed in the Bay Area. Songwriter Nick Petty grew up writing music his whole life. Starting his career after overcoming addiction, depression and incarceration, powerful even strange songs started to form. Influenced heavily by Hip Hop and Grunge.

The Happys new lineup began in January of 2018 when Petty and longtime bassist Brett Brazil returned from a Pacific NW acoustic tour and reconnected with longtime friend and now guitarist, Alex Sanchez. Sanchez had previously played in Hot Start and had just touched down from an extended backpacking trip in Australia. Drummer Ryan Donahue approached the band by weird coincidence at a local bar and joined the band shortly after a few rehearsals. The band began booking shows and accruing a fast number of fans and several thousands of views on their Spotify and Youtube channels.

The Happys have shared the stage with The Mad Caddies, Agent Orange, Del the Funky Homosapien among others. They are managed by Rick Bonde of Tahoe Artists Agency who has broken acts such as Blink 182, Sublime, Reel Big Fish, Monophonics and Brothers Comatose.